A moment with
Nikos Aliagas

The journalist and photographer Nikos Aliagas is the ambassador of the ‘Become a Patron!’ campaign to acquire the Apollo Kitharoidos.
He recorded his encounter with the magnificent bronze in a series of nine photographs, and this is how he described the experience:

My photos show a survivor – a being who has withstood the weight of time and volcanic ash to lay his secrets and silences before us. A god from another time and place; familiar yet distant. The dark depths of his empty eyes tell me something of the demiurge who made him – an artist whose name is unknown but whose soul shines through. This bronze god, an androgynous Apollo, holds a plectrum but has lost the kithara that gave him his name. Gone, too, is his original bright colour, lost as he came down from the empyrean heights, bearing the stigmata of our human destiny.

I photographed the inanimate god, searching for a fragment of soul. My gaze was held by the light and dark of the lines and curves created by the artist’s hand. In the Louvre’s mysterious storerooms, time seemed suspended as this precious encounter was engraved in my memory forever – an infinity of beauty as a reminder of our own impermanence. This is the magic of art that resists the shifting sands of time, connecting us to the impossible journey through the ages.

About Nikos Aliagas

Greek-born Nikos Aliagas became a French national at the age of eighteen. After studying Humanities at the Sorbonne, he began his career with the RFI and Radio Notre-Dame radio stations before joining Euronews. As a multilingual journalist and TV and radio presenter, he has taken part in a France 2 TV show called Union Libre, presented the news on Greek TV and hosted various radio shows including the breakfast show on NRJ and Europe1. Since the early 2000s, he has worked for the TF1 channel, presenting weekly shows watched by millions of viewers.

Nikos Aliagas is also a photographer. His exhibition ‘L’épreuve du temps’ (‘The Test of Time’) has been shown in France (at La Grande Arche and the Conciergerie in Paris, at the DIDAM art center in Bayonne…) and abroad (in Belgium, Switzerland, Greece…). Nikos Aliagas looks at the world with empathy and humanity, capturing the effects of time on hands and lined faces, seizing moments of life, enhancing landscapes with the contrasting effects of black and white. Working in the artistic vein of Salgado, Koudelka and Artikos, his empathy for his subjects enables him to capture the essence of each individual, the mystery of their existence. His work was published in 2018 in the art book L’épreuve du temps, published by Éditions de La Martinière.